About Us

The spark of inspiration for our vodka ignited from the creative genius of Blake Emory, a New York based artist that has pioneered the “Optic Modernism” movement in the modern art world. This innovative style combines patterns found in nature with elements of the human form, taking the observer on a journey to discover optical illusions created by oil on canvas. His art has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and displayed at the world famous Art Basel, and his pieces are in the collections of several notable celebrities. Most recently, Art Business News named Blake as one of the Top Emerging Artists in America for 2014. While hosting numerous receptions and events celebrating his art, Blake realized that the vodkas served at his parties didn’t represent his artistic vision. In a creative desire to make something he could take pride in serving his guests, he created Emory Vodka and officially licensed his art to decorate each limited edition bottle. But the vodka is so much more than the artisan bottle, Emory Vodka is micro-distilled in the United States using only the finest American-grown corn and natural spring water. Absolutely nothing is added. Emory Vodka is then distilled six times to produce a clean, crisp spirit. Naturally gluten free, this product is exceptionally smooth and represents the best that both man and nature can produce.